Tips for wearing hats without feeling tacky

It will give you a wonderful look!

Tips for wearing hats without feeling tacky

It will give you a wonderful look!

If you think hats are only acceptable in places like beaches or at country events, you need to read this post!

Hats are stylish, they are a protection for very sunny days and can still give an extremely charming, elegant and stripped look, depending on the style of clothes you choose to compose the production.

The most popular hat models are: fedora, for a more urban look, floppy, super used in the 70s, following a boho line (its brim is straight and larger) and panama, the one made of straw, most used in summer.

Now that you know a little more about these hat styles, how about daring your look and being surprised by the result? Check out:

Basic style - day to day

If this is your favorite style, the most suitable hat is the fedora hat.

With a good pair of jeans and a basic t-shirt, you will add a touch more than special with this hat.

The traditional black and white look (black pants and white t-shirt), also works super well!

And you can take a chance with that basic dress! Stylish will be little to define you! You bet!

And it also matches the Grunge Style!

It can be said that this style appeals to people who love to wear leather, pants with details such as rips and jackets in general.

Amazingly, the fedora hat does not weigh on the look.

On the contrary, it gives a balanced, leaving the composition lighter and incredibly stylish!

Romantic style

Are light and printed dresses your favorite type? Then you need to combine them with Panama hats!

You can't go wrong with that style.

It is beautiful, seductive and gives a lightness to the look. Don't be afraid to wear this hat with your favorite dress!

And with fresh looks for the summer, they are top ten too!

Multiple styles

If you don't define yourself by a single style, the floppy hat suits you!

This 70s icon never goes out of style, it is very versatile and goes with almost everything!

Be with a lighter look with skirts and dresses, even with leather pants.

This hat is very democratic and it's worth having one in your wardrobe!

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