Strengthen the emotional bond with your child through reading

Reading to a child helps to strengthen the relationship

Strengthen the emotional bond with your child through reading

Reading to a child helps to strengthen the relationship

The first thing I can observe when I read to my children, is that moment when they snuggle close to me and look at me with that look of expectation of something incredible is about to happen.

Even without understanding, they already know that our moment of reading is a very special moment, dedicated only to them, where both me and my husband, we offer our full attention and time to entertain them.

But this goes far beyond entertainment ... Many experts claim that a child has a formed personality, based on the relationship he develops with the adults with whom they live, such as parents, grandparents, uncles, etc ...

Therefore, it is up to us to enjoy these precious moments with our little ones, even with this reading time.

Make this moment something very pleasant and interesting

Let the child choose the book he wants to read with you. This will give you the advantage of starting reading with a lot of interest and enthusiasm on the part of the child.

And if you want to present this child with a book, give preference to books that illustrate a little of their routine, such as books for bedtime, going to school, traveling or playing.

Of course, those books with fairy tales are also beautiful and bring many important lessons.

Ask the child to retell the story

You have no idea how fun and charming it can be.

My firstborn is not yet literate, but I am impressed at how he pays attention and can retell the story very easily, and when he forgets something, I encourage him to look at the illustration and say what he thinks happened there.

It is a very beautiful and rewarding moment, when I look at him and turn on the "mommy baboon" button.

Choose a special corner to read

It can be on the living room carpet, in the bedroom or on the balcony. The important thing is to add value to that place.

For example, you can invite the child to put some pillows, take their favorite fruits or sweets, put those colorful lights "blinkers" to make the environment inviting and pleasant for your time with reading.

As you can see, it all comes down to giving your child attention with great care and quality, making him love your presence, his stories and develop good memories for a lifetime!

And there is nothing more precious than that: feeling important and loved, to the point that someone will pay full attention to you. A precious lesson that they can pass on when they grow up.

Did you know that there are several wonderful children's books on ? Check it out and set up your special library with your little ones!

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