Self-irrigating vessels

Practicality and health for your plants!

Self-irrigating vessels

Practicality and health for your plants!

With the search for a healthier diet and with minimal environmental impact, many people have been looking for alternatives for a more conscious and pesticide-free cultivation.

And having a vegetable garden at home can be a great way to start this new style for healthier eating.

Self-irrigating vessels are the new thing at the moment!

Very practical and functional, the self-irrigating pots are great for growing vegetables, spices and flowers.

In addition to the technology applied so that your plants do not die from lack of water, they are also very charming and can easily be part of a very tasteful decoration in your home.

How do they work?

First of all, it is important to highlight that, because the water compartment is closed, there is no risk of mosquitoes proliferating, for example.

Underneath the vase, there is a transparent container, where the water is stored.

Inside it is an artificial root that connects the soil of the vessel with the water in the reservoir. In this way, the plant receives the necessary amount of water, keeping it healthy and hydrated.

After the plant absorbs the necessary water, the rest of the water is drained, returning to the storage container.

The manufacturers of self-irrigating vessels guarantee the possibility of up to 15 days, without the need to refill the reservoir before that.

Beautiful models

With a variety of colors, textures, shapes and sizes, self-irrigating vases can be a beautiful and loving gift to give to those you love.

Some models can be personalized with the names of the plants and can become one of the attractions of the house.

And what about this model that can also be an aquarium?

But this is not a mere decoration!

Fish faeces become natural fertilizers for plants.

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