Outdoor wedding

Bet on this trend for an unforgettable ceremony!

Outdoor wedding

Bet on this trend for an unforgettable ceremony!

While many have postponed plans to get married because of the pandemic, some have still been looking for ways to live the long-dreamed day, but safely, making this moment a more than special event for everyone!

And the best solution has been to hold weddings in open spaces, because in addition to offering an extra natural decoration to the ceremony, the risk of contagion is greatly reduced.

Another advantage is the opportunity to combine the religious ceremony and the party in one place, reducing costs considerably, in addition to facilitating access for guests who will not have to move from one place to another.

Not to mention that guests will feel safer, thus providing a light and happy environment, despite the pandemic.

The first thing to do is to reduce the number of guests to the maximum

Even though it is an open-air wedding, we are still facing a terrible virus and for that reason, there is little care.

It is a great opportunity to get rid of the obligation to invite people who are not so close and invite only people who are very close and important to the couple.

This will make the party more intimate and with the opportunity to give due attention to the guests.

Pick the flowers of the season

If you can give up insisting on a particular flower, this will reduce your budget by up to 50% if you choose flowers of the season.

The reason is obvious: that particular flower in abundance in the market, will be much more affordable than choosing another type that has a limited quantity and, consequently, much more expensive.

Some flowers tend to wilt during the event and for this reason, it is important to have an extra amount to make the switch, if necessary.

Attention to food

Some guidelines on the food served are of great importance.

For example, guests should not go to the réchauds (those aluminum or ceramic compartments that keep food warm).

Ideally, a limited number of guests should go to the chauffeurs and someone should be there to serve them according to their choices.

Bottles of water available to guests are also a great option.

Have a plan B

Even being outdoors, the ceremony can face some setbacks, including bad weather.

Therefore, it is good to have another place, which can be an open tent, for example, for a possible refuge, in case of bad weather.

Or even an umbrella for that unexpected moment.

The important thing is that the bride and groom have a waist game and literally "be in the rain to get wet".

After all, the couple's good mood will dictate the whole tone of the event.

Masks available

Some people may get dirty, wet or drop their masks on the floor, so it is an act of great kindness and consideration to make some disposable masks available.

Gel alcohol on all tables and also in the main areas of the place also favor care against Covid-19.

With attention to these details, your party will certainly be memorable!

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