6 Fall Winter Look Tricks

How to make your look more fashion with little tricks.


6 Fall Winter Look Tricks

How to make your look more fashion with little tricks.

The secret of always being well dressed is knowing how to use the most of the pieces that we have in our closet in different compositions.

Thinking about it, we separated 6 simple tricks to make your look fashionable, with small adjustments.

1 - Overlays.

A great option is to use traditional knitting with the maxi shirt underneath. The idea is that the shirt becomes almost a dress.

2 - Mark the Waist.

Investing in belts has always been a great option in the composition of looks. And in winter we can use belts on top of almost every piece to create a new look. Even over cardigan, tricot and even with blazers and jackets.

3 - Handbag with handles as if it were a clutch.

Fresh trend, which is on the rise among gringo influencers, a new way to use the bag and give an extra charm to the look.

Bet on medium or small sizes.

4 - Jacket or blazer or over the shoulders.

Betting on a third piece to make your look more elaborate is always a great option. Choose tone-on-tone pieces for more contemporary looks or patterned pieces for daring.

A good tip for winter are the caramel and shown tones and the plaid as print.

5 - Pieces buttoned on the collar.

It can be shirt or jacket. The trick is to close the first buttons and leave the rest open, creating a very stripped and fun look.

6 - Different ways to wear a blouse.

Bet on new ways to wear blouses or shirt. Why do we need to use them right? Get inspired and create new looks.
The trick is the shoulder on the outside, turned, half in and half out, tied ... Anyway, in the way that best suits your style!

Abuse creativity and try new ways to use the pieces tables.

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