5 must-see places for those who visit Egypt with their children

They will love and so will you!

5 must-see places for those who visit Egypt with their children

They will love and so will you!

Egypt is and has always been a very enigmatic place, which overflows history, culture and  rich in imposing monuments. Its grandiose pyramids and tombs, make Egypt a unique place for those who wish to leave the books and experience the history of the world. But, is it possible to enjoy this unforgettable experience, in the company of the children? The answer is: YES!

Next, we will show you options of wonderful places that will make your children remember Egypt with great affection and appreciation.

Feluca's Tour

In the Aswan area, the tip is to take a Feluca ride. Feluca is a typical sailing boat that sails in peaceful waters, like those of the Nile River. It holds up to 10 people, which makes the tour more personal and unique. The boats are all decorated and those in charge of the tour,organize the trip with lots of music and games, providing fun and joy. Seeing the sunset, with your children in a Feluca, will bring an incomparable connection with them and will create good memories for life!

Diving in Hurghada

Hurghada is known as one of the best places to dive on the planet! With 30 kilometers of beautiful coastline, it is one of the most sought-after tourist spots in Egypt for this practice. Swimming in the middle of the great corals, you can see sea turtles, dolphins, rays, barracudas and even sharks. There are also shallow parts to adventure with the younger children.  There are tourism agencies that offer courses to learn how to dive, both for children and adults, which makes this tour viable for beginners and those more experienced in diving.  You will experience this memorable moment in the midst of the enchanting and crystal clear waters of the Nile River.

Pharaonic village

The space offers to its visitors a fun and surprising immersion in ancient Egyptian culture, with lots of art and history. There are stagings of the daily life of an ancient Egyptian, mockups over the pyramid constructions. A boat trip is offered to observe the staging of actors who talk a lot about the economic and pharmaceutical development of ancient Egypt. You will also find replicas of ancient houses and there you and your children will be able to wear Egyptian clothes and feel like real and important pharaohs. 

Al-Azhar Park

The park is a real oasis inside Cairo. With its vast green area, this place enchants its visitors with its stupendous palm trees and sculptures. There is also a very inviting part so that children can play and interact with each other. It is a relaxing place to walk with your children, have a delicious picnic and enjoy a beautiful sunset at dusk. There are also good restaurants and an incredible structure to welcome you and your children. 

Balloon trip in Luxor

Luxor, where the city of Thebes is located, the ancient capital of Egypt is certainly the right place to top it off. From inside the balloon, you can see the temples of Luxor, the  Nile river, contemplate the sunrise over the Valley of Kings and Valley of Nobles, and fly over the temple of Hatshepnut, all designed in rock and named World Heritage Site. This tour will be a moment to observe breathtaking landscapes and see the smile of achievement on the faces of your children! What will make it all worthwhile! 

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