5 Christmas 2021 movies to watch on Netflix

Christmas spirit is already in the air!

5 Christmas 2021 movies to watch on Netflix

Christmas spirit is already in the air!

The so-loved season of the year for those who like Christmas movies has arrived!

The Christmas mood is already starting to spread through the decorations in shop windows, streets and houses to remind us about all the meaning, warmth and magic that only Christmas can provide.

How about starting the warm-up for Christmas, checking out these very special movies from Netflix?

In it you will find movies already available and upcoming releases for you to enjoy watching with your loved ones, whether on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or smart TV.

A surprise match (Love Hard)

This movie is one of Netflix's good surprises.

Like any good comedy, A surprise match (Love Hard) manages to deliver a current, interesting, sensitive script with tasty doses of humor.

It's about a girl named Natalie (Nina Dobrev) who has such a disastrous love life that she writes about her and earns money from it, until she meets Josh (Jimmy O. Yang), an amazing and handsome guy, through an amazing app. relationships.

As they live far from each other, she decides to go to her city and surprise her, but when she gets there, she discovers that she was tricked.

Learn how this story unfolds about relationships, honesty, family ties and love on Netflix.

The Noel family (Family of Claus)

Meet Jules Claus (Mo Bakker), a boy who still mourns his father's death, making him no longer see any fun in celebrating Christmas.

Until one day, he finds a magical snow globe in his grandfather's toy store, which has the power to transport him to various places.

With this happening, he discovers that his grandfather is none other than Santa Claus (Jan Decleir).

Jules will then have the help of his grandfather to love Christmas again and understand how important the Christmas spirit is, not only for him, but for everyone.

A Castle for Christmas - Opens November 26

A Castle for Christmas is a long-awaited film, mainly because it delivers to its viewers a love story with more mature people and shows that love can still surprise us, whatever the moment we are living.

Sophie Brown (Brooke Shields) is a writer who after much success, has her most recent book, pointed out with a real disappointment.

To escape from all this troubled atmosphere, she decides to travel to Scotland for inspiration and why not buy a castle?

However, when interested in one in particular, she will have to deal with a duke (Cary Elwes), owner of the castle who refuses to sell it to a foreigner.

What ends up taking them to unusual and emotional situations, with a surprising outcome.

A Sabiá Sabiazinha (Robin Robin) - Premiered on November 24th

Thrush (Robin) rolled from its nest while it was still inside the egg, ending up in a dumpster.

Found by a family of very loving rats, Sabiá (Robin) is raised by them with all the love and affection, until she realizes that some differences begin to appear.

Wanting to prove to her family that she is a good mouse, she starts her adventure, looking for answers to who she really is.

A Boy Called Christmas - Opens on November 24th

To close with a flourish, we have this movie full of beautiful scenes and great special effects to tell the story of Nikolas (Henry Lawfull).

Nikolas is a very smart boy who believes that his missing father might be in an amazing goblin village known as Elfhelm.

With his friends, a pet rat and a reindeer, Nikolas will experience the beginning of the biggest adventures of his life and discover his destiny.

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