The 5 most beautiful beaches in Brazil for those who don't like crowded places

Have fun with no crowd!

The 5 most beautiful beaches in Brazil for those who don't like crowded places

Have fun with no crowd!

Brazil is undoubtedly one of the most requested places when one thinks of paradisiacal and relaxing places. However, what many tourists seek is to relax and at the same time enjoy this exuberant nature, but without so much agglomeration.

Thinking about it, we have gathered  unique places of beauty, but with this detail that makes all the difference: paradise without crowds!

1- Ilha Grande - Rio de Janeiro

Ilha Grande, belongs to an archipelago of 187 islands and islets, located in the Bay of Ilha Grande, west coast of Rio de Janeiro State, also known as Green Coast. The region is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in the Atlantic Ocean. 

Ilha Grande is an island full of natural beauty, waterfalls and crystal-clear beaches, with a vast forest, rich in species of wild animals, and due to its incomparable fauna and flora and friendly villages, receives passionate visitors who seek adventure and a unique experience.

2 - Icaraí, Amontada - Ceará

Visiting Icaraí de Amontada brings a feeling of uniqueness. The houses still keep all the simplicity since their origin and you will certainly have the opportunity to hear from the residents themselves, fascinating stories about the place. Icaraí is located in a very bucolic fishing village, with natural pools of crystalline water, surrounded by native forest and that blesses the visitors with a splendid sunset. Its cuisine is based on shrimp, which is very popular among seafood lovers. There, time passes slowly, and believe me... You'll enjoy it every second! 

3 - Praia dos Galinhos, Galinhos - Rio Grande do Norte 

170 kilometers from the capital, Natal, Galinhos guarantees its visitors great freshness and simplicity with its deserted beaches, crystalline waters, natural pools with warm and delicious water and sand dunes.  This fishing village will win your heart! The whole coast is well structured and its bars and restaurants offer, among many options, dishes of Lusitanian origin with lots of codfish and a variety of fish from the region. Its inns and hotels please all kinds of visitors.  Only a few people know about this place, which will make you feel like you own this paradise!

4 - Lagoinha do Leste - Florianópolis - Santa Catarina

Its access is only by trail or boat, which makes its audience very selective. To hike, it is necessary to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Walking with such intimate contact with nature brings the feeling of serenity and overcoming. Many do not take the risk of going there because of the walk, but for those who are willing, the experience will be rewarding. Because it is   almost an untouched enviroment by humans, the clarity of the water impresses and invites diving lovers to adventure into this sea of restless waves and refreshing crystal clear waters. 

5 - Riacho Doce, Conceição da Barra - Espírito Santo

 Its access is somehow challenging: 8 kilometers on foot, walking on sand, or 16 kilometers by car, along a dirt road that smells of eucalyptus. Being an area of environmental protection, it is possible to see many fabulous species and some endangered ones, like the sea turtle. Espírito Santo is not the first on the list when one thinks of beaches in the southeast, however, what could be a hindrance, actually turns the place into a unique and practically vip environment for those who want a reserved place, of authentic beauty where the meeting between the river and the sea takes place, making this scenario, a painting!

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