Is it worth investing in a gourmet faucet?

Find out how it works, advantages and models to inspire you!

Is it worth investing in a gourmet faucet?

Find out how it works, advantages and models to inspire you!

If you're building your home or wanting to give your home a makeover, owning a gourmet faucet is probably already on your mind.

But why do we call a specific faucet a "gourmet faucet"?

Well, this word has often been used to show that that item was developed in a more elaborate and refined way, making it theoretically superior to other items.

However, when searching for gourmet faucets, you will find that it takes a considerable investment compared to the value of regular faucets.

Therefore, it is necessary to know the differentials of this faucet, which models are best suited for the size of your kitchen and sink, so that you can have a product of excellent quality, useful, practical and that is also part of your home decor .

Style just right

The most popular model of a gourmet faucet is one that has two valves, moves from side to side, and even has a spring along its entire length to increase the reach of the faucet's hose.

This model is larger and depending on the size of your sink tub, it can be disproportionate.

There are simpler and smaller models, but they keep the modern features of a gourmet faucet.

With a single-lever system (control of the opening and exit of water with just one command) or double command (with 2 valves, one for cold water and the other for hot water), it is important to be informed to choose the faucet that best meets your needs .

Anyway, it took its inspiration from industrial kitchen faucets, which need to have more flexibility and resistance to be used for hours and with maximum efficiency, such as strong jets of water (hot or cold), among other functions.

In short, the gourmet faucet brings an innovation, with a lot of functionality and practicality to your kitchen, in addition to all the aesthetic aspect.

So, in general, a gourmet faucet will offer a different experience than the usual ones when cooking, bringing more practicality and functionality to the environment, in addition to the added value that its design gives to kitchens and gourmet spaces of various styles.

What makes you so desired?

First of all, they are a show in the aesthetics of your kitchen!

Beautiful and modern, with several color options, the gourmet faucet matches any decor style.

Practicality at its maximum!

Due to its flexible structure, its handling is very easy and practical, especially if you have a sink with two basins or want to easily clean your countertop whenever you use it.

With mixers that deliver hot and cold water, and high water pressure, dish and food washing will be optimized and more efficient with this faucet.

Some models even have a filter to drink water straight from the tap, without any worries.

Not to mention the gourmet touch faucet models. With just one touch, the faucet is turned on, without the need to use any type of manual activation.

You can install it either on a traditional sink or on an island by placing it on the wall or on the sink itself.

Now that you have answered some questions about the gourmet faucet, see some models and how they look great in various kitchen styles:

More robust model

Compact Gourmet Faucet

One more beautiful than the other, isn't it?

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