Thinking about having your first telescope?

Then you need to check out these tips!

Thinking about having your first telescope?

Then you need to check out these tips!

It is impossible not to admire a beautiful starry sky!

For those who have had the opportunity to witness something so wonderful, know that it can get even better with the help of a telescope.

It is a fact that all this beauty with rich details can elevate this fascinating experience even more.

So, if you want to admire a starry sky and look beyond, the telescope is your ideal partner!

Shall we get to know him better?

There are 3 types of telescopes: reflector, refractor and catadioptric.

Reflecting Telescope

The reflecting telescope uses a mirror so that when the light passes through it, there is an increase in the amount of that light.

Made of polished glass, the reflecting telescope absorbs all that light, reflecting the image.

It is perfect for observing galaxies, nebulae, in a deeper space and in low light.

Refractor Telescope

The refractor telescope has several lenses to increase the amount of light it receives.

It is ideal for planetary views such as stars and moons, as well as terrestrial ones, such as long-distance landscapes.

Catadioptric Telescope

And finally, we have the Catadióptrico telescope that is considered the best in the category.

That's because it has mirrors and lenses, adding the advantages of the two telescopes mentioned above.

They are also easy to transport, in addition to being light and simple to assemble.

Have great views of stars and planets with it, and capture and record images using your computer.

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