Oversized is never over

how to wear the oversized shirt without looking like you bought the wrong size


Oversized is never over

how to wear the oversized shirt without looking like you bought the wrong size

Only those who have already taken a t-shirt from their father's, brother's or boyfriend's closet know that using a larger piece is a way with no going back. But the key to the question is how to make use of this piece without looking like it was a purchase gone wrong...

The shirt is a basic and essential piece of everyday life, and for those who like a more laid-back style, the oversized model is a good option to relax austere looks and bring a touch of contemporaneity, in addition, it fits in fashionista looks and even even the most elegant.


The oversized shirt is synonymous with comfort: the plain colors, especially white, are an extremely versatile classic. Tailored pants with a larger-than-normal shape also bring that convenience that we love. In addition, skirts, jeans or shorts are other comfy options and perfect to go with the shirt.


Styling tricks such as putting only one side of the garment inside the pants or giving the hem a little knot are subtle details, but they give another face to the looks. Shoes also have a very important function when it comes to finishing off the look, sneakers complement all the comfort initially proposed, and sandals with square heels, in neutral colors and a more minimalist design make the look look more ~ street & sexy ~

how to dress

The combination of an oversized shirt with a dress + high heels is perfect for those who want to look taller, and shoes in nude color enhance the effect. Embody the fashionista in you, and rock out by joining Carrie Bradshaw's team! The belted piece has a street feel and does not require any additions!

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