Is it worth investing in a Lava e Seca machine?

Everything you need to know about her!

Is it worth investing in a Lava e Seca machine?

Everything you need to know about her!

Machines that wash and dry, promise to save your time, water and money, with varied functions , but with a considerable investment.

What ends up making many people have doubts if a Lava e Seca machine is so good to bet on this acquisition.

For this reason, I invite you to learn more about its features and then find out if it's worth the investment. Come on?

Top notch

To start with, the washer and dryer has the most advanced and modern technology developed for household appliances, with the very clear purpose of washing clothes (very well) and drying them.

And speaking of drying clothes, is this the only advantage of a machine that washes and dries?

Smart washing efficiency

With an efficient washing system, where the clothes move up and down, the friction between the fabrics is done in a way that the wear of the clothes due to overwashing is much lower, compared to traditional washing machines.

Another issue is that some stains or odors come out more easily with hot water, and the machine itself has this water heating system.

One equipment, more free space

Years ago, people used a washboard washboard and a centrifuge to twist them.

Then came the long-awaited washing machine, which also spinned clothes.

Then the clothes dryer which was a nice and pleasant surprise.

But look how much space was needed to house all these appliances.

With the washing and drying machine, you will have it all, gathered in a single appliance.

Also ideal for those who live in apartments or houses with little space in the laundry, especially for hanging out clothes, blankets, towels and bed linen.

Save water

Washing and drying machines have a front opening, called "front load", which means that there is no need to fill the drum, saving up to 40 liters of water per wash per cycle.

More options in its functionalities

Some models of washing and drying machines have artificial intelligence technology, such as WI-Fi connectivity, with the possibility of being activated, even from a distance.

There are also so-called quick wash cycles, which save energy and water, dry cleaning, sensors inside to calculate the amount of water according to the number of clothes in the drum, hot water to wash even the most dirt. tough, deodorizing, and more.

Remember to use technology to your advantage, to make time for what really matters: for you and your family!

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