Are you familiar with Wonder Woman's home appliance line?

Get ready because you'll want to have them all!

Are you familiar with Wonder Woman's home appliance line?

Get ready because you'll want to have them all!

If you're a big fan of Wonder Woman, Philco's home appliance collection will impress you!

Born on an island hidden from men's eyes, Diana is an Amazon and powerful warrior who decides to fight for men to help achieve peace.

With the first adventure released in a 1941 magazine, Diana from Themyscira was introduced to the world as a woman endowed with super strength, who possesses two very powerful weapons: the Lasso of Truth and her bracelets.

The entire line was inspired by the 1984 movie Wonder Woman, with the color palette of shades of gold, blue and red, which are the colors of the uniform of one of the most beloved and beloved heroines in the world: Wonder Woman!

For this collection, we can find a blender, food processor, juicer and planetary mixer.

Not to mention the beauty line with hair dryer, curler and flat iron.


For lovers of the most famous heroin, Philco developed this blender, which is more than a product, it is a symbol of strength, power and superpowers to make any recipe.

Yes, the Philco Wonder Woman Blender PLQ800 Turbo.900W power combined with 4 speeds + Pulsar/Self-Cleaning to prepare wonderful recipes.

The cup has a large capacity, 2.7L total.

Super serrated blades to face any food, as it has a very high cutting capacity.

To separate the juice from the seed and the bagasse, the super barrier is the filter that doesn't let anything through.

You forgot some ingredient, no problem, the lid has a lid, just open and add.

It's a super power for your kitchen and for you to prepare and surprise the family!!

• 4 speeds + pulsar function + self-cleaning + ice;

• 4-blade steel knife; • 900W power;

• Cup with 2.7L of total capacity and 1.5L useful;

• Tracks Filter;

• Lid with transparent dosing overcap and hole to place ingredients;

• Non-slip base;

• Wire holder.

Food processor

More than a product, this is a super product!

The Philco Wonder Woman PH900 Compact Processor is turbo and has 250W of power for you to prepare the most diverse foods.

Don't waste time in the kitchen chopping food or buying ready-made hamburgers, you can grind the meat of your choice and invent many other dishes in Wonder Woman Processor.

Just choose the function you most want: process, cut, mix, mince, grinder and liquefy.

And to make everything well processed, it has a Revert function to rotate in both directions and thus increase efficiency.

It also has a Pulsar and Self-cleaning function.

There are 500ml of jug capacity for you to enjoy as you prefer, without leaving any ingredient out.

Very safe, it has a safety lock, it only works if it is correctly mounted, reducing the risk of accidents.

Quite a Processor for you to show off all your super powers in the kitchen!


250W power; 1 speed + pulsar + self-cleaning;

Functions: process, cut, mix, mince, grinder and liquefy;

Vertical design: takes up less space in the kitchen;

All accessories are dishwasher safe;

Processor Jar with 500ml capacity;

It has safety lock for both anti-slip cups Base and cord holder;

Scimitar or helix knifeDouble direction of rotation - Revert function;


Did you want to drink that delicious juice, but have no time?

With that in mind, Philco developed the Philco Wonder Woman Super 350 Fruit Squeezer.

It will help you prepare delicious drinks with practicality and agility!

It has automatic activation by pressure, you just press the fruit and the juice starts to fall.

In addition to having 2 cones for extraction, one for larger fruits like orange, and another for smaller fruits like lemon.

High-capacity 1.5 liter jug, preparing large quantities at once.

It also has an easy-fit sieve, a transparent lid with a flap adjusted to the jar and a non-slip base, providing greater safety.

And for your convenience, it has a quick and practical fitting, as its parts are removable, making cleaning easy.


35W power.

Quick and convenient attachment of the jug.

2 Double Rotation Cones2 Cones: a larger one for foods like orange and a smaller one for foods like lemon.

Automatic activation by pressure.

Transparent lid for easy handling.

Transparent vase with graduation.

Super 1.5 liter jug capacity.

It has a sieve.

Wire carrier.

Low noise level.

Planetary Mixer

For lovers of the most famous heroin, Philco developed this mixer, which is more than a product, it is a symbol of strength, power and superpowers to make any recipe.

Yes, the Philco Wonder Woman PHP500 Turbo Inox Planetary Mixer. 700W of power combined with 12 Turbo speeds to prepare wonderful recipes.

The steel bowl is brute strength to withstand high temperatures in the oven or low temperatures in the freezer offering versatility in use.

Not to mention the super capacity, they are 4L, ideal for large or small recipes.

The 3 batsmen are there in the front line, facing any white in snow, light batter or even the heaviest barbells.

Yes, it quickly and efficiently prepares egg whites in snow, whipped cream and mayonnaise.

Beats cakes, puddings, mousses and other creams.

Ideal for preparing pizzas, panettone, sweet or savory breads.

Protecting you and your kitchen, the splash lid doesn't let dirt attack.

Philco Wonder Woman PHP500 Turbo Inox Planetary Mixer is wonderful, it's wonderful, take this power to your home!

• 700W power – greater durability and resistance;

• Electronic control 12 speed turbo;

• Transparent anti-spatter cover;

• Comes with 01 stainless steel bowl with a capacity of 4L. Can be used in oven and freezer.

• 03 beaters: beater for light doughs, beater for heavy doughs and beater for creams and whites;

• Activation button for lifting the product body;

• Finishing of the front face in golden stainless steel

• Has Planetary Movement

One prettier than the other, isn't it?

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