Products to align your hair in the shower

An interesting and easy alternative to leave your hair stunning!

Products to align your hair in the shower

An interesting and easy alternative to leave your hair stunning!

A person who has beautiful and hydrated hair, does not want war with anyone!

And this is absolutely true!

However, taking good care of the hair usually requires some time in the beauty salon, using the right products, lots of hydration ...

We straighten, brush, apply hair dyes, and there's no denying that sometimes, this routine can be tiring, especially on super busy days.

Therefore, more and more people have been looking for products that promise to deliver practicality and good results when dedicating their time to their beauty routine.

And today I want to highlight these products popularly called "progressive in the shower".

Try to imagine yourself on a busy day and when you're getting ready, you notice that your hair isn't working.

Now, think of a product that you can moisturize and straighten your hair while showering ?

With a great advantage: no products that harm the hair (such as formaldehyde) and which, after all, is incredibly fragrant!

Meet the progressive in the shower!

Available on the market with a variety of options, the progressive in the shower is rich in emollients to hydrate and align your hair, without losing movement.

It has in its composition thermo activated compounds that are enhanced with the use of the dryer, which guarantee stunning hair as if you had just left a beauty salon.

And the result of hydrated and aligned hair can last for up to 15 days, depending on how often you wash your hair or the texture of your strands.

Manufacturers guarantee that the more you use the product, the better and more lasting the result will be.

See how easy it is to use

The way to use it can vary from product to product, but generally the guidelines are to wash your hair well with the shampoo of your choice (you can do this for up to 3x, or until your hair is clean), remove the excess of water with a towel and apply the product from the root to the tips.

Let the product act according to the time indicated on the packaging, rinse your hair well and use the conditioner of your choice.

After rinsing your hair, dry it with a hairdryer and use a straightener if you want an even smoother result.

Ready! Silky, aligned and fragrant hair to face a busy day, feeling wonderfully beautiful!

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