Hype accessories to geek you up!

It is impossible to choose only one!

Hype accessories to geek you up!

It is impossible to choose only one!

 Magic Cube Tissue Box

Look how incredible it is to be able to pick up your tissues from this retro '80s cube. Not only is it beautiful and detached, it's also super easy to use. To replace the tissues, just remove the lid and put a new refill of tissues. Having one of these will make a nostalgic, happy and colorful atmosphere.

Doormat You shall not pass

This doormat arouses great interest among lovers of the Lord of the Rings saga, using Gandalf as a messenger to keep unwanted guests out of your home. Its material is super resistant and made so that no dirt can get into your house! It'll bring up good conversations for sure!

Periodic Table sneakers

With a classic design of sneakers that everyone loves, this pair of tennis shoes will make you look very casual and at the same time, super interesting, because they are colorful (match any outfit) and comes with the periodical table printed, which will be a unique detail for those who love chemistry.

Dangerous to go alone Key Rack 

Losing keys is a thing of the past! With this detached hanger, you'll always know where to find your keys without taking the risk of being late because of them. The decorative hook is a charm apart, bringing all the excitement of one of the most iconic games in the world!

Chestburster Baby on Board Car window sign

We know that babies are the cutest creatures in the world, so they should be protected! This super cute sign shows that there's a baby inside the car and its image makes a joke that you carry an alien baby inside the car. The sign comes with two suction cups so you can attach it to any car window.

Wonder Woman Front Flap Women's Wallet

You can't not look stylish in that wallet. Inspired by the powerful Wonder Woman, this wallet has everything a person needs: it is spacious, comfortable to carry in your hands or if you prefer, in your purse, it is beautiful and has the colors that remind you of Wonder Woman. You know that perfect gift? You've just found it!

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