Do you know how harmful dry winter air can be?

Find out how much the air humidifier can help you!

Do you know how harmful dry winter air can be?

Find out how much the air humidifier can help you!

Adequate air humidity is essential for our health.

Do you know when you watch or read experts talking about the relative humidity of the air and how it can vary according to the season and region of your country?

Well, the ideal air humidity index varies between 40% and 60%, but due to winter and its peculiarities, this number can drop to 20%, depending on the region where you live.

When this decrease occurs, air pollution increases, worsening the main respiratory and allergic problems.

Among them: bronchitis, sinusitis, rhinitis, asthma, among others.

As well as eye irritation, dry throat and dry skin.

To improve the air humidity in the environment you are in, the tip is to invest in a good air humidifier!

How does it work?

The air humidifier is a device that basically transforms the water deposited in it into cold vapor, humidifying the environment around it.

Most appliances need to be plugged into an outlet and to work properly, just add water in the indicated location and you're done!

With the ideal air humidity, your family will have a peaceful night's sleep, without the hassle of allergies and respiratory problems due to dry air.

In other words, it 's a great investment to ensure your family's well-being.

To better care for and extend the life of your air humidifier, you need to:

  • Sanitize it frequently
  • Change water daily
  • Turn on the device three hours before bedtime
  • Position it away from pillows and curtains
  • Don't leave it on all night
  • Pay attention if your air humidifier model needs a filter change and when it should be done

And for those who like a stylish device, there are many charming and cute air humidifier models.

Therefore, choose the model that combines style and quality, and avoid all the discomfort that dry air can cause!

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